Meyvaert has a solid expertise and technological foundation focused on customers needs, from conservation and lighting, to mechanical opening and electronic security systems. We provide display, security, and climate-control solutions for museums and private collections around the world. Our outstanding craftsmanship can be found in prestigious museums all over the world.


A case is primarily a tool to present objects. Meyvaert's Fibre Optic Lighting provides an extremely versatile and sophisticated lighting solution to enhance the presentation of the artefact. Differing light levels are achievable within the same case to suit a mixture of artefact materials. LED lighting is now an emerging technology which we are now using for some applications. Mount making and labelling are also part of our service.

Preventive conservation

You can integrate active or passive climate control systems to achieve a constant temperature and relative humidity level within your case. Various filters can remove pollutants from the air. All materials used within the cases are conservation-grade. The use of adapted seals minimizes the air changes per day. We have the facility to test the cases on site ourselves after installation, with air exchange measuring equipment.


Laminated safety glazing and concealed safety locks are standard on all cases and will protect your collection against theft and vandalism. Alarm systems can be fitted as an option.

Principles of construction

Good design need not be a compromise; by combining aesthetics and functionality, choosing from a variety of case types, opening mechanism, materials and finishes, the optimum construction is possible for each particular application.

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